Thursday, March 30, 2006

Why oh why...

Can I not remember to buy batteries for my camera????

My elfine's are done. I will reserve my usual gushing about how great Anna's patterns are until I post a picture tomorrow. Be prepared for deja vu!

In other news this week, I'm tired. I've been working long hours which is fine but it's really left me drained. No time for pilates class & too much coffee. Thankfully tomorrow is Friday! Yippee! I love Fridays!!

I've decided that April will be selfless knitting month. I do a lot, I mean A LOT of knitting for myself. I was inspired by Jennie's post as well as the need for some thoughtful, lovingly created gifts for my friend Kim & my sister, Corrie. I do love knitting for others but I worry that I'll work really hard & have it tossed off as in "oh well I could have bought that at Target". Lucky for me my sis asked for an Accidentally on Purpose vest (and I love her enough to do all that stst) and Kim is a novice knitter who appreciates anything handknit now that she has tried her hand at it!

I'm also doing some stashbusting this weekend by using some random skeins I have to make Jess Hutch's adorable bunny for the babes in my life.

Oh & before I forget, our buttons are now available at Highly Atomic Vintage Clothing in Syracuse, NY. They have been so great to work with & have tons of amazing stuff up in their ebay auctions as well as in their brick & mortar store. Stop by & check them out!

And because I think posts are always more fun with pictures I leave you with Me & Max knitting Isaac's Dr. Who scarf back in January.

Believe it or not he never tries to play with the yarn. He just likes to be a part of the creative process!

Hi, Max! You must be a very good kitty indeed to not play with your mom's yarn. Can you give Chaos a few pointers?

Looking forward to pictures of your Elfine's!
congrats on your buttons being picked up by that store! that's so cool!
You're the complete oppisite of me. April is going to be "knit something awesome for myself month" (with the exception of my boyfriend's birthday gift) because I've been experimenting for too many months. It's time to churn out the awesomely wearable FOs...
OMG SQUEE KITTEN! How pretty. He looks like a big boy, no?

Camera digital camera is a piece of junk I bought on one of those day after Thanksgiving sales years ago for like $80. It uses 4 AA batteries, so every time Aaron and I are out shopping, I load up on them if they're on sale. Well, now everytime he sees batteries at the store, he runs up to them with this crazed look in his eyes and starts going "OMG batteries need more never enough must have batteries!" because he thinks I'm obsessed with them.
congrats on the buttons! that's great news. i made that bunny for a friend's new baby, and it was a fun, quick knit.
Oooh - I love the buttons!
I like that photo a lot. What's on the canvas knitting bag? I like the image... and I'm so glad about your buttons. They're really nice!! Hope all is well and you guys have a good weekend
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