Saturday, April 15, 2006

If I meet you in the night, you're free to covet all you like.

How about another round of things I love this week?

1. Neko Case. We saw her live last night at the Variety Playhouse & it was really wonderful. Her voice has such depth and emotion that really is only hinted at in her CD's. It left the whole place with the feeling of a bittersweet lullaby.

NPR has a huge MP3 of a live concert she did for them recently here.

2. Giotto socks. I know I said no sock knitting this month but all the concentration on the colorwork for the felted bag left me needing another knit. Something to break it up a bit. I'm using my flickering flame colorway from Brooklyn Handspun. A perfect match for this pattern & for project spectrum!

Anna's sock patterns = LOVE

3. My recent yarn purchase!!

It was totally worth breaking my "yarn buying fast" don't you think?

4. My new camera. It's a Nikon CoolPix 4800. It was a birthday present from Isaac. Who in traditional Isaac fashion, couldn't wait til my birthday next Wednesday & gave it to me last week. Not that I mind AT ALL!

It's got all sorts of great features like a teriffic macro setting & 8.3x zoom (which is soooo cool). It takes great WIP's & yarn porn pics (which is probably not what the people at Nikon designed it for).

You can check out some of my other pictures on my Flickr .

5. Candy Eggs. Particularly ones with peanut butter in them like the reese's peanut butter cup eggs or the speckled peanut butter M&M's.

Somehow it's just yummier in egg form.

6. Tonight we are off to the drunken unicorn to see the selmanaires. Beer + Rock N' Roll = A good night!!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

That yarn is great!
Quote: Somehow it's just yummier in egg form

So true! :D Why is that???
have a fun weekend!
Mmmm... peanut butter eggs...

Oh, I am jealous of you seeing Neko Case. I couldn't get anyone to go with me when she was here - argh.

Congrats on the new camera!!
hmmm, now where did you ever get that yarn? ; )

Happy Easter!!
Neko Case!! I am beyond jealous; there aren't any words for how much I wanted to see her on this last tour -- and I missed her in Boston by one day!

Your socks look absolutely lovely! I'm planning your mix CD as we speak!
I just saw your colourway at Pureknits - ooooooo yummy :D You are one lucky gal!
oooh- the flame colorway is amazing. great choice of color- can't wait to see the socks all finished!
Oh my god! You've just made me discover Neko is playing London in May. Aargh! *books tickets*
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