Thursday, April 06, 2006

I've been a busy bee!

I'm calling her "Butterscotch" and she is the first of two little yellow bunnies I'm knitting up for my favorite babes.

I used a tiny bit of lamb's pride worsted (left over from Isaac's 8 bit hat) and Jess Hutch's bunny pattern. This little sweetie is one fast knit (it took me just over 2 hours or 2 episodes of the new Dr. Who depending on how you tell time). I swear it hardly made a dent in the leftover yarn. So much for stash busting!

I also finished my first purse for this month's Sew, I knit! along.

I used the jordy bag tutorial from craftster and some vintage fabric from my stash. It's a great tutorial for anyone interested in an easy spring bag.

Thanks for all the comments on my stash & my elfines! I'm on a serious mission to stash bust so hopefully I will *magically* wave my needles & turn some of that stash into FO's! Or at least become a faster knitter!

AWWWWWWW! That bunny is so cute. And I love the color of yarn you use. I've been meaning to check knit up one of Jess Hutch's too cute softies.

Question: Did you just sew on his eyes with black yarn?
Very cute bunny! It would look adorable peeking out of your fun new spring bag!
looks great! did you use interfacing on the bag?
oh cute cute!!! i love the baby bunny~ the color is perfect. so happy and springy :)

the bag turned out great too- how is the sewing coming along overall? do you feel like you are learning a lot in a short time?
Oh, I just love your bunny! Too cute
Ditto on the Awwww! Nice job on the nose and mouth, he has a happy character.

That bunny pattern's been on my to-do scroll for ages, but he's still a way off down the list. (sigh)

Love the vibrant colors and patterns on your bag, too. Tres chic!
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