Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just for fun lets go out tonight and get our colours done

It's amazing how people can surprise you. It can be something little or big but something you are totally blown away by.

Since I didn't get to blog yesterday I'm sure that most of you have heard of Yahaira's new endeavor, Pure knits. The site is beautiful, chocked full of amazingly detailed pictures, mouthwatering descriptions and a lovely layout. Yahaira has been pretty secretive about this for the past few months so I was totally surprised by her email yesterday. I love that she saw a void & filled it! She didn't sit around and wait for someone else to do it, she just did. I'm really so excited for her I could burst!

Of course she is now my yarn pimp & my 6 month yarn diet was blown yesterday with the purchase of some sundara sock yarn in black magic. I have been so envious of everyone else's cool sundara socks so it was an easy sell.

So yeah I love her store & I am sure I could be considered biased but that is what friends are for. Plus what knitter doesn't dream of having a colorway named after them? In luscious bamboo yarn to boot!

Isaac wants to buy me some of my namesake bamboo but I really want to have an idea of what to use it for first. I was thinking of a summer shawl. Any pattern ideas?

I will leave you with my own surprise. I decided on Kim's b-day knit. The felted floral bag from Interweave knits fall 2004.

I took these progress shots on Sunday morning. I'm now 2 rows away from having the first full side finished. It's a straight forward fair isle which means lots of concentrating on where each color should go. No beer or TV while knitting this up!

Oh. wow. That is so cool, having a yarn colorway named after you. the yarn is gorgeous.

and so is your progress on your felted bag. wow, kim is sooooo lucky.
The bunny is so cute, and I love how your floral felted bag is turning out. I bought a kit to make that bag at Stitches West, but I haven't made it yet. My size 7 addis are occupied at the moment anyway :) Thanks for your nice comments on my blog today. I haven't put anything on the bottom of the shoes yet, but I think I will try to cut up a flip flop and sew the base to the felted shoes.
A colorway named after you? You've reached epic knit-blogger status! That bag is going to be gorgeous, too!

Let's definitely do a CD swap!
it is so damn cool that you have your own colorway! a knitters dream come true! if you decide on a pattern, let us know. i'd like to pick up some of that yarn, too, but not without an intended project.
Wow. I am totally in awe of your colour work - just gorgeous.

And that is vvv cool to have a colourway named after you! I just went mad looking at the yarn brands and never even noticed, and now I can't see because of Y taking the site down for a bit, and it is driving me mad! Can't wait to nosy at it :D
Congrats on the colorway!! Heh, I bought some black magic, too. :)

Oh, it's going to be very cool to see that bag felted!
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