Saturday, April 01, 2006

My stash

Well, it's not as big as some others but it's all mine! At last count I had enough yarn for 5 pairs of socks, 5 sweaters, a capelet & about 2 dozen random full skeins as well as countless bits left over from other projects.

The cones are all vintage wool tweed in sportweight & fingering weight. They were given to me by my friend Kim's mom. The colors are really cool & I think I may make Lucky from Sn'b Nation with some of it. The rest may be destined for socks.

I love all the comments about my elfines!! Debbie doubts the speed at which they can be knit. I swear they are fast! I know someone out there can back me up on this! Come on people!

As far as the kool aid dying went I used the Knitty kool aid dying microwave method. It is super simple & only requires 1 pack of kool aid for each ounce of yarn, water & a microwave safe dish. No smelly vinegar!

Now I'm off to make some pasta salad & go for a walk with my hubby! I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!

Just now catching up with your posts... I love your buttons, your Elfines, and that elegant top photograph of the yarn cones! That's wall-worthy. :)
You have a very colorful stash! I wish I had more yarn!
This cones are excellent.

No vinegar?? Hmm. Must go review the knitty method. Maybe that's the secret to their brightness??
I really like how your stash is set up! Perfect for showing off the goods! :)
Hi from Austria! Now, that's an amazing stash, you got some very beautiful yarn amongst it and I'm already curious to see what you're gonna make with it!
Nice stash! I really like your socks - I've been thinking about making those :o)
The Elfines look really great!
I have a tiny stash as well. I laid it out on the floor and fit it all into one (grainy) frame! But no one can take it away!
that's a respectable stashlet! I love the cones. What is it?
Lovely stash and lovely elfines!!!
I dare not post this on my blog in case my giftee sees it, but can I recommend trying Sockbug's River Rapids pattern? I dropped the needle size to a lower gauge for a better look and fit with my chosen yarn, and it still knits up super super fast! Much faster than the Elfine one for me, but whether that is down to the yarn and gauge or the pattern I don't know. I suspect the latter, but the pattern is cute either way! More cabling without cable needles :D
Man... that vintage yarn is pretty effing awesome. The colors are great. Can't wait to see it knit.

And, of course, your elfines are beautiful. Sorry to post so late -- i was in Kentucky all weekend, internet-free.

Hope the weather is lovely down there like it is up here.
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