Saturday, April 29, 2006


You guys really know how to make a girl blush!! Thanks so much for the response on my hair! I really love this cut (how could I not when it takes 15 minutes to go from wet to perfectly coifed)! If you are ever in Jacksonville, FL & in need of a cut, make your way to see my sister, Corrie at Hair Peace.

Now for some project spectrum goodness (which there has been a severe lack of this month).

A mosaic of yellows & oranges around our house. A little slimmer this month but there is still some good stuff in there. I think that is my favorite part of project spectrum, making a point to find & create those colors I don't always work with.

Next month's color, green, will be much easier for me.

How about a novel idea for tomorrow, a post that actually contains proof that I do, indeed, knit!

Enjoy your Saturday!

I love your redesign! Also, I bought your vintage stereo buttons a while back, and have been so busy that I forgot to write and tell you how awesome they are. They're so cool!
OH MY EFFING GOD! Did you make the new banner yourself?!?! It is beyond adorable. I love it!!!!!
I love the new banner and the new hair cut... your sister and you both are mega talented! :) What a nice way to kick off spring.
Nice job on the yellow/orange montage! (Burt's Bees lip balm is wonderful, isn't it?)
wow!! i love the new banner! vintage stuff is so great :)
Lovely mosaic - and I agree about PS. It really makes me think and look at things differently.
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