Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A weekend recap and a confession

Thanks so much for all my birthday well wishes! You guys are all too sweet & it really warms my heart to get such a response.

I agree that the cards I got were awesome & with Kym's assertion that "29 is the new 21". All in all it was a great day that turned into a great weekend.

We headed down to Jax on Friday & I hung out with my sister/hair stylist. It was great to see her & check out her new apartment but even better to get her to cut my hair. I have a stylist in Atlanta that I really like & trust but when I'm changing something major I would rather have my sister do it. She's great at her job & really honest about what is & isn't going to work. Donning a new bob with really dramatic angles & fabu new choppy bangs I feel even better about being 29 (my hair never looked this good at 21). I'll have pictures of the new 'do tomorrow.

Saturday was a whirlwind of friends & family. I got to see all the most important people in my world, eat some great food check out our friends Max & Cash's new record store, Moon Colony Razorblade. I found plenty of audio, video & literary goodness there to spend some of my birthday cash on. It also doesn't hurt when I walk in and find that a few of my other friends just happen to be hanging out there. It's got a really great atmosphere & tons of big comfy cushions near the window that were just calling to be a knitting hang out!

By the time Sunday rolled around and we made it back to Atlanta I was exhausted!! Too much food & fun & beer. So my confession is this.... I picked up the needles for the first time in 6 days today. I can't believe that 6 days went by where I didn't knit. There was just so much going on & although I packed projects (my felted bag & giotto socks) I just never got around to it.

That leaves me with some serious catching up to do!! The felted bag is coming along nicely. I've almost finished the bottom & my first Giotto is soaring (now that I've picked it up again that is).

Oh & I owe a public apology to Claire (my april project spectrum postcard swap partner) for being so sucky as to keep forgetting to mail her card. I will have it out by Friday Claire!! I promise!

Lolly had this fun little tidbit up on her blog today.

The cover art of what is in heavy rotation at my house right now:
Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!

That music collage is very fun!

Glad you had a fabulous birthday. :)
oh my god, can't wait to see your new 'do! yay!!
Mirah! I heart Mirah.
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