Monday, May 08, 2006

Ah how far we have come and a contest to commemorate!

**Thanks for the wishes for sleep & the helpful hints. I am happy to tell you that I got a great nights sleep without taking anything last night. WOO HOO**

On to our regularly scheduled post:

It seems like spring is the time for all things to start fresh & new. Not entirely surprising then to find out so many knitbloggers started there blogs in this season. Myself being one of them. Today is my one year blogiversary.

When I started this blog I had no idea that anyone would ever read it, or comment on it or that it's existence would yield me so many true friends.

*Warning, yes I will be getting mushy*

Our little blog community provides the BEST stitch n' bitch around. You get to peek in on people's lives & see if you like the project they are knitting or the book they are reading & with that you create a group of friends that suits you. Mind you I am not advocating being exclusionary. I think the entire notion of knitblogging & the sharing aspect excludes that in and of itself. I am merely saying it's nice to find knitters with similar styles or interests to help with your questions, offer advice & ultimately friendship.

So many of you have been there though the wonderful and the rotten times of both knitting & all the incidentals that happen when we aren't knitting. I really, deeply appreciate that. So, thanks! You guys ROCK!

**End of mush**

Speaking of rocking. I like so many others want to commemorate my big 1 year blogiversary by having a CONTEST!

I'm calling it:

Rock for Socks

First the best part of any contest, the prize:
Photo courtesy of Yahaira & Pureknits

2 skeins of Nature's Palette sock yarn in "Mallard" perfect for May's project spectrum huh!! Yahaira gave me 2 skeins of this in "Odd duck #3" for my birthday and I can't tell you how soft and wonderful this yarn is- I LOVE IT. The most amazing part is that they are all dyed with entirely natural dyes. Yes, flowers, nuts, berries. It's really amazing that the colors are so vibrant. Pure knits is now carrying it. You can check out more color choices here.

So now the contest**.

Many of you know I am almost as obsessive about music as I am about knitting so what I want is the song or songs that inspire you most. I don't care what kind of music it is if it makes you want to knit, or sew or just create then I want to hear it.

Please leave a comment with your song(s). I will use the old "names in a hat" method of choosing. I will leave the contest open until next Sunday and announce the winner on Monday (because how better to start a Monday than winning yarn). I want ideas from across the pond as well. I will send this yarn anywhere!!

At the end I plan on gathering up as many of the songs as I can find (thank you itunes) and making a Mixed CD. I'll post the playlist next week. If you like the playlist & fancy a copy feel free to email me.

Now, go forth & be inspired!

**Special thanks to Chris and her Chaotic playlists post for the idea. Thanks Chris!

First, congratulations on your bloganniversary!!! :-)
Hmm song that inspires me most? Well, I'd pick a whole album, Scoundrel Days by A-ha, and then I'd pick the very first song, also called Scoundrel Days. I grew up listening to this album and have remained a loyal A-ha fan (yeah, dorky, I know :-) since - but everytime I hear that album and song, it makes me feel the creative rush/"I am a teenager, I can do anything I want" type of feeling I felt 15 years ago!
I'm glad you're feeling better, and I'm in total agreement with what you said about the knitting blogverse. Who would have thought that technology and handcrafts could make such a potent combination?

I have a few songs to suggest!

The Byrds // Have You Seen Her Face?
- Seriously, the Byrds are my favorite band of all time. They revolutionized rock music, and then they invented country rock. AMAZING.

M.I.A. // Galang

Johnny Cash // Ring Of Fire

Chromelodeon // Wily's Castle

Oh man...I could go on forever!
yay for sleeping!! and happy blogiversary!

Im so happy you liked your gift!
Happy Blogiversary! I am so with you--even though most of the people I have met through blogs I've never even seen IRL, y'all really do seem like friends!

Some of my favorite songs currently I got from Gilmore Girls. My Little Corner of the World by Yo La Tengo, and Satellite of Love by Lou Reed are two from that show that I have enjoyed recently.
For computer programming, my favorite playlist is Graceland by Paul Simon!
happy blogversary!

i really like to listen to the soundtrack of "next stop wonderland" when i'm looking for inspiration.
Happy Blogiversay, Leah! I'm so glad that I came across your blog in 2005. When referencing you to my friends or family it's always, "my blog friend Leah, in GA..." So it's been a treat getting to know you and your knitting style through blogger. YOU ROCK!

Songs of inspiration:
* More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley
* Red Right Ankle - The Decemberists
* Secret Heart - Feist
* Gold for the Price of Silver - Kings of Convenience
* Pocket full of Money - Jens Lekman

Sorry if that's too many!
I'm so glad you got a decent night's rest! Insomnia can drive you round the bend. And congratulations on your blogiversary :D Yay!

I could list hundreds of songs that inspire me, but seeing as most people here are listing a few, I'll join in and cheat too ;D

There has to be a Pixies song in there, so I'd say Umass, because it has a fab rhythm to knit to! Bugger, I could list a dozen Pixies tracks alone :/

Next up, Stereolab with Cybele's Reverie, or maybe Allures. I love the way Stereolab play around with harmonies, and they just give me such a buzz and get my head spinning.

A new band that you may not have seen in the States yet - the Feeling. Go to their myspace site to hear some of their stuff ( Sewn is most definitely a chills down the spine track for me, and inspires me no end - their lyrics just do it for me. And they like Supertramp too :)

I couldn't do a list like this without some PJ Harvey. She's another one I could do hundreds of tracks from, but ermmm, Dress, 'cos it's a classic.

Ok, I better stop with this one, but Elbow are just wonderful, so I will suggest Buttons and Zips just because you can hear the Huddersfield accent when he sings :D Especially in the word buttons. Apparently my accent is quite posh, but when I say buttons, I say it like him... And I like that they are in the blossom shed. Ooooh and Ribcage too! That's a wonderful track.

Ok, now I really have to stop. I think I need to do you a mix CD myself ;)
Happy blogiversary! My most inspiring song (and personal theme tune, and tune that makes me mushy and upbeat and makes me think of my children and .... - y'know the usual stuff that makes other people barf) is "This Glorious Day" by Jimmy LaFave on his 2000? album Texoma, oh and it is a superb song to make you knit faster and happier, and with fewer botches.
happy blogiversary!
unfortunately both my stereo and ipod are now broken, so the songs that inspire me are the ones stuck in my head-
-birds by electrelane
-king of carrot flowers by neutral milk hotel
-sodom, south georgia by iron and wine
love your blog!
happy blogiversary!
knitting music- anything i love gets me going so that would be anything of keith urban, keith urban or keith urban! something to sing along to seems to get my needles flying. especially 'who wouldn't wanna be me'- thats how im feelin with the needles and yarn. knit on!
You're welcome! And congrats on your blogiversary! Woo-hoo!!

Um, it's not the most cheerful song in the world. Or rather, it's sung cheerily, but... "This Year" by the Mountain Goats: "I am going to make it through this year, if it kills me."

Everytime I hear that I think, "Yeah, I will." :)

For sheer manic happiness, "Pop! Goes the World" by Men Without Hats.
Happy Blogiversary! Hmmm, if I'm knitting something that I want to knit quickly and that doesn't require reading a chart then 1980's rock AC/DC, Scorpions, etc. is my music of choice. For those middle of the road knitting projects (some thought involved, some kind of pattern that is easily memorized)then The Eagles, Kenny Chesney or other medium tempo music is great. For lace or anything where one might consider using a lifeline,aka "Heirloom" knitting, then Baroque era classical or Enya is about as involved as I can listen to without being entirely too distracted. I remember knitting one time while "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves was playing. It was insane, I ended up tangling the yarn from trying to knit so fast.
Happy blogiversary! It's just over a year for me too. Aww you guys are the best! :D

Here are my spontaneous inspiring songs:

Beach Boys - Add Some Music To Your Day
Buffalo Springfield - Rock'n'Roll Woman
Pulp - Lipgloss
Os Mutantes - A Minha Menina
Solomon Burke - If you need me
The Monkees - You Just Might Be The One

Wow! What a diverse bunch of tunes!
It is a great bunch of diversity!! I love it! Keep it coming guys!!
An inspiring song? Off the top of my head I'd have to go with Ani DiFranco's Out of Range.
yo... happy blogsary!

inspiring songs are too many to count. however, i think the album in entirety 'Rossz Csillag Alatt Született' by venetian snares is a great one. it's probably not easy to love at first. :) but it is so beautiful and inspiring for me. one fav track is 'Kétsarkú Mozgalom'.

some other artists that keep me going: björk, beck, múm, and squarepusher.

hope your cd has some semblance of coherence amongst the tracks ;) thanks for the fun contest!
This is going to be super-cheesy, but I love Madonna's "Respect Yourself." It's the ultimate empowerment song! Yes, it's about getting what you need/deserve from a relationship, but it could be about getting the results you want with whatever project you're working on - if it's not what you want, it's time to move on!
Happy happy!

I like X's and O's (An American Girl) by Trisha Yearwood -

She used to tie her hair up in ribbons and bows
Sign her letters with X's and O's
Got a picture of her mama in heels and pearls
She's tryin to make it in her daddy's world
An American girl
leah, thanks for the nice comment! i can definitely believe you listen to that song everyday, the whole record is amazing. i can still remember the first time i heard it.
I love, love, LOVe music. I actually read this post a few days ago but decided to wait till now to comment because I wanted to make absolutely sure that I picked out the perfect batch of songs for this here project. (honestly, you should see the agony I go through trying to pick out songs for a mixed CD for someone. And, don't ever dare ask me what my favorite song/album is, you'll be there for weeks!)

Anyhoo, what a great idea! And you TOTALLY have to send me a copy of this mixed CD.

Enough chatter, here are some songs that have been tickling my fancy as of late (in no particular order):

"Headache"-Frank Black
"I've Just Seen A Face"-The Beatles
"Catastrophe"-Rainer Maria
"Range Life"-Pavement
"Just What I Needed"-The Cars
"Velvet Underground"-Jonathan Richman
"This World Is Made of Paper"-Thunderbirds Are Now!

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Don't mind the mush at all. You were one of my very first bloggie/craftster buddies. I never imagined a little more than a year ago I would have befriended such a sweet, sincere, caring, imaginative and overall lovely friend like you.

Oh my god, feel free to puke. . .

BTW, when will you and the hubby be visiting us Yankees, anyhoo?
Congrats on your blogiversary! I adore listening to DMB while crafting. I love Ants Marching, Two Step, Drive In, Drive out, and Crush. :-)
Anthing by the Cowboy Junkies.
Hmmm....not sure I would call it inspiring, but I love Norah Jones! Her music is just so relaxing and mellow. Yeah, Norah Jones, a glass of wine and my knitting. Ahhh...does it get any better?
Another vote for The Byrds-"Turn, Turn, Turn"

congrats on your Blogiversary!

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