Monday, May 29, 2006

Creativity abounds!

A long weekend & the house to myself meant that I accomplished quite a lot!

I managed to finish my fair isle free argyle socks:

I still love everything about these. The pattern, which is now available in pdf form here. The yarn. I could go on & on but you could just read my last post for all the mush!

I also finished my first Subversive cross stitch sampler.

Now I just need to wash & and find a suitably ironic frame for it.

I also had time to whip up a purse:

And make pesto for dinner tonight (a little green for project spectrum)!

I hope you guys all had an equally fulfilling weekend!

cute socks, great sampler, quirky bag and yummy dinner! looks like you had a great weekend.
wow. you were super-productive! now you have all those wonderful things to enjoy. i especially love the sampler. i'm thinking of doing the "homo sweet homo"
I have that same sampler! You're inspiring me to finish it.

Love the socks!
I love your bag- the fabric is amazing! Cool socks and sampler too- man, you were super productive this weekend. Now I feel lazy :)
Cute, cute and cute! You had a very productive weekend!
Pesto is so mouth watering! YUUUMMM
And you socks look so comfy... amazing work as always! :)
you've been so busy...what a great weekend! everything looks so great and Im so happy you love the yarn. The color worked out great for the pattern! the pesto looks so yummy
great socks!!!! that pesto looks AMAZING. Now I'm starved!!! thanks for checking out my blog & leaving me such a sweet comment!
Wow, you rocked! Lovely socks! And the sampler is great. I MUST sit down and do my F*CK hearts one sometime...

Heh, that bag is seriously quirky fun.
man! look at all you did! everything is so great. and i love the cross stitch.
You are a CRAFT POWERHOUSE! I'd be proud just to have made one of those lovely creations. You're inspiring as usual!! Erin
i <3 rat bastard!!! great work and the pesto looks yummy!!!
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