Sunday, May 07, 2006

Not enough sleep.

I'm. So. Tired.

I haven't slept well since Thursday. I miss sleep. I need sleep. I'm not sure why I'm having such trouble. I've cut out caffeine & been going to the gym and I'm exhausted but sleep doesn't come.

So tonight I may take something. Maybe all I need is one good night's sleep.

I just joined The Amazing Lace. I'm really excited to try a more intricate lace project this summer. While I still plan on making Orangina & Lucky, I think my "partner" for the amazing lace will be a lacey shawl that Elizabeth Bennet would be proud of.

More exciting things tomorrow!

I hope you get some sleep soon, trust me...I know how tired you are :(

can't wait to see what you knit up fpr the amazing lace, I really want to knit some lace this summer. Im just not sure what though
Oh nooo! Nothing like sleep deprivation to really screw you up. Hang tough!

I got your card; thanks so much! I will post a pic later this week and I will send you my project spectrum installment - long overdue, I know.

Take care of yourself and try to relax!
i am the insomnia queen. i never get a good night's sleep. ever. i feel for ya. if you do take a sleeping pill, make sure you have a lot of water on hand. they tend to dehydrate you.

that amazing lace sound really fun. i might have to join up as well. thanks for the link!
Poor Leah :( When I got insomnia, I couldn't sleep a wink till I went to stay with my mum. The first night I stayed there I slept like a log, and I'm pretty sure it was just the change in scenery that did it. Even moving to a different room might help - one night is all it takes to get you going again from a temporary insomnia. I also get stupid girly hormonal insomnia :/ but find that taking vitamin b6 helps (10mg for everyday, or a higher dosage purely for 4 or 5 days, but don't take higher dosages any longer as you'll start to get tingly hands and stuff!). I hope you can get rid of it and sleep soon.

I saw your comment on Cath's blog about the lace. Can't wait to see what you plan to knit!
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