Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Right to the point.

This is a Sunday morning picture (when I intended to post pictures- oops). I'm now 10 rows into the colorwork on the second side. It's going a lot faster now that have a better handle on the whole "fair isle" thing!! It's a lot to keep track of and using two hands! Sheesh!!

On to my distraction:

My first giotto sock finished. Also a fast(er) knit when you actually work on it. It took me no time once I started the heel. I love the way Marie's yarn knits up. It's so soft & looks great when it's made into a sock!

I'm really concentrating on finishing the bag this week. I feel like I'm in the homestretch now. The only problem I have with it is it's really heavy & awkward to turn. I suppose I should have used circular needles.... Ah hindsight. Maybe I'll switch it over tonight.

So, is anyone else completely enthralled by Texas Ranch House ? I love these PBS reality shows.

I'm thinking of whipping up a special dinner for Cinco de Mayo on Friday night (for no reason in particular). When I was at the farmer's market this afternoon the cilantro smelled so good that it's all I've been thinking about since then.

I was thinking of making this. I had completely forgotten that I clipped that recipe til' Shelterrific wrote about it.

Any other vegetarian ideas out there?

oh man, i love cilantro....
first off, how cute is your new banner!? SUPER cute!!

the bag is looking great, switch that over to circs STAT.

the giottos are looking good, or the giotto rather : ) sigh I shall start mine umm soonish, you know sometime yeah
Your new banner is fabulous! And those are some seriously cheery socks.
Oh, a Cinco de Mayo fest! That sounds fun. If I come across any good veggie recipes I will let you know!
that bag looks gorgeous!
how did i miss that you were knitting that bag? it looks great. very impressed!

(i also love the banner. too cute!)
What to admire first? The bag... amazing... the socks...gorgeous... and the fabric behind the socks is really wonderful, too, with the vintage animals.
Ooooooh, that bag is just gorgeous! YUM! The Giotto is lovely too. I take it you've been happy knitting Amelia's patterns in quite variegated yarn? A friend and I did some dyeing, and I'm really tempted to use the result on one of the sock patterns, but can't decide which... Oooo but your Giotto sock is very very tasty :D Like sherbert dip (do you have those?)
I love the sock!! The color reminds me of Mac n' chees but in a good way!
The giotto looks great. did the yarn bloom a lot after washing? I'm thinking of using Brooklyn handspun for Pomatomus that the pattern will loose its definition after washing.
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