Sunday, May 21, 2006

The tease is over!

There isn't much to say that you guys don't already know. It's the Nicky Epstein felted floral bag from the Fall Interweave knits. I used Knitpicks Merino Style in DK & size 7 needles. It took me forever to finish the first side and then I really got the hang of the double fisted fair isle & it was breeze after that.

I love the fabric I found to line it. It really compliments the fair isle. I also chose to use leather handles instead of the i-cord for a more finished look.

All in all I am extremely pleased that I finished it & that it looks good. This was a BIG knit for me in terms of skill. I have done fair isle before but not of this size. I feel like this is a real knitting accomplishment.

Now Isaac & I are off for a quick brunch before heading to centennial Olympic park for the Southern Comfort Music Experience. Why? You ask. Is it my love of SoCo? No friggin way folks! It's the fact that tonight we will see De La Soul, Big Star & The Flaming Lips for FREE!! Today, I am a SoCo fan!!

Enjoy your sunday!

Looks great! I really like the flowers.
rock out for me today!

the bag looks great, shes going to love it!
the bag looks gorgeous! de la soul! the flaming lips! lucky you.
WOW! Stunning. I'm surprised that's fair isle and not intarsia... maybe I *could* make one!
Have a great night out!
An amazing bag and the Flaming lips? You're an astounding woman ;)
that bag is amazing! Fabulous job!!!!

And have fun tonight.
Your bag is gorgeous - and you are SO right, the leather handles take it up to a whole 'nother level.

Great lineup! Hope you're having fun.
Awesome! That's one skill I need to tackle this year, colorwork.
Oooooooooo, that bag is just stunning. You've done a fabulous job.
love it! the leather handles really make it perfect.
awsome job!! The felting turned out beautifully and I love the inside fabric sooo much!!
that bag is fabulous. i love it!
That is INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely incredible.
That bag is fabulous! What a wonderful job. I'm sure you'll get lots of compliments!

You'd better be a SoCo fan with that kind of FREE entertainment!
yay! it's beautiful! you must be very proud.
beautiful! so old fashioned and classy.
That is so gorgeous, Leah!! I wish I could see it in person. I love the fabric you chose for inside, too! Congrats!!
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