Friday, May 26, 2006

Upwards to the vanguard where the pressure is too high

The last week of school..... UGH! While exciting for the kids, it keeps me way too busy for my liking & seriously craving a beer and some knitting therapy by 10am. Now of course it's Friday & it was the last day of school. Hurrah! I still work over the summer but it's my regular hours with fewer meetings and assessments and with many vacations in the mix. Woo Hoo!

Let's celebrate the last day of school with a sock shall we?

The pattern is Bryony's. If you happen over to her blog to plead with her to share this well written, fun to knit sock pattern be sure to wish her a belated happy birthday. Oh & check out the cool Miffy bag she got! I'm soooo jealous!

I have been test knitting this sock pattern for her & I love it. It's her first sock pattern and it's a keeper! The "fair isle free" argyle gives the sock some stretch so there's no fear of it not fitting. Plus the toe up style is almost instant gratification.

The yarn is also wonderful stuff. It's the Nature's Palette I got from Pure knits. The colorway is spectacular!! It really compliments the pattern so nicely. It feels like heaven all knit up!

On the other end of the spectrum, not so instant gratification could be called:

Accidentally on Purpose

That is the front of my AOP for my sister. It's the second one I've knitted & while it's not a bad knit or a difficult knit it is a BORING knit. 22 inches of stockinette for the front & 24 for the back. All the fun dropping of stitches happens in the last few rows. The antithesis of instant gratification if there ever was one. But, it's for my sister who I love dearly & who deserves a kick ass knit vest. So, I knit on. I would post a progress picture but really who wants to look at 18 inches of SS on a straight needle. I'm sure you can imagine it just as easily!

As far as my last knitted gift, it was a hit! The floral felted bag has been making the rounds about town and has garnered much praise and lots of requests for me to knit a few more of them. HA! Non-knitters have no clue what goes into making a bag like that!

Bryony asked if I would knit it again and I really would. For me or maybe another loved one but not the sales girl at Nordstrom! It was the getting used to throwing and picking all in one go that was hard. Now that I have that skill under my belt it wouldn't be quite the challenge.

Thanks for all the comments you guys left!! I've been grinning ear to ear all week from them!

There were also lots of comments about the Flaming lips. The show was amazing! If you see them you MUST be in the front row! It takes you back to being a kid to have confetti & streamers fly through the air as you sing along with a chorus of Santas & Aliens. I swear I am still finding confetti around the house! While I forgot my camera the ajc photographer got some great pictures here. You will have to click through all of them to see the best Lips pictures. There is also a brilliant one of me looking up all doe eyed at Wayne Coyne. He really is the pied piper!

I will leave you with this news story out of my backyard:

Woman steals thousands in yarn. Yep, she used the five finger discount at some local yarn stores.

I hope ya'll party like it's the first day of summer break this weekend!! I know I will!!

I love that vest--I am so going to have to make myself one when I figure out what color I want to do it in. Too bad it's boring, dropped stitch things tend to be it seems.

Cute socks too. Enjoy your long weekend.
oh my goodness, that's my dream news story! yarn and crime intersecting. that article is a little questionable, though. they're accusing those women, but no one's been charged. good way to get sued!
Oh, very cool sock. Enjoy your freedom!!
Woohoo! Fame strikes at last for you :D Look at you lusting after him when your hubby is right next to you ;)

Your sock is fabby :D Thank you for saying such nice things about it! For anyone who is interested, the pattern will be up today, with some pics in a solid colour...
I'm thinking back to school (lo these many years) and wondering which of my teachers I and my classmates drove to craving beer at 10 AM.

A lot of them, I imagine!

I've been in a complete knitting funk but your pictures are inspiring me to get cracking. Thanks!
How many skeins does it take to add up to $13,000??? that's unbelievable!
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