Tuesday, June 27, 2006


That is exactly how I feel about blogger right now. I wrote a really long involved post last night & blogger ate it. Am I angry enough to jump ship to my own site yet?

I am seriously contemplating it!

So on to our regularly scheduled post!

This is my wind down week before 3 weeks of vacation. I'm working very little, mainly taking Liz to the mall or the pool and trying to get her really excited for her week at sleep away camp. One of the things I find most common in children with developmental disabilities is they are creatures of habit & schedule. Elizabeth loves order and a schedule so going to camp for a week is a scary & exciting thing for her. I know she will love it when she gets there but it's just a lot to convince her not to be so nervous about it.

I've been taking a lot of pictures this week too. My flickr account is bursting with pictures of a Japanese potty training book that we found at a thrift store. A new set of photos from the cadets show at the pit. Photos of our taste test of a Jack's "Rock n' Roll" cookie. It tasted a bit like figgy ginger bread. Weird I know. I guess that's what you get for buy a $.39 cookie at a truck stop in Cordele GA because of it's "rock n' roll" claim.

My Saturday Market bag is complete!

Kym was right this is a fun, easy, fast (about 4 hours) and cheap (1.5 skeins of sugar & cream) knit. It's perfect to hold some sunscreen, a hat, books and any other miscellany that we may need at the beach next week.

I'm also officially halfway though my hanging vines stole with only 17 more repeats to go. Now that we finally have a sunny day I'm hoping to get a progress picture. The next challenge for the amazing lace is poetry. Bryony wrote a great haiku for hers. I've been toying with the idea of a limerick. I'll try and work on it a bit today.

I've also picked out a pattern for my sock kit swap bag as well as the yarn. Now I just need to choose a pattern to send her with the yarn. Jaywalkers are an obvious choice & believe it or not she hasn't made them. Any ideas on a good pattern for self-striping sock yarn that I can send her?

get your own domain!

I hope liz finds camp fun and starts loving the idea of it.

your bag looks so cute!

what is this pureknits store?! :P
Boo-hiss on blogger! I'm feeling better and better about moving...

I love how the market bag turned out! Hmm, trying to think of good patterns for self-striping yarns - maybe a feather & fan pattern?
Awesome bag! I definitely want to make one, but a version with two handles.. I want my own domain too.. ugh. Oh the decisions we must make.
You should so go down the route of your own site :D You'll enjoy it so much more if you feel like you are blogging on a reliable and controlable site.

Those photos are fab too :) I love the bag naturally, but that book is just a peach (perhaps the wrong term to use in this case), and the cookie taste test - that is one odd looking biccie...

And you are far too kind about my haiku, but I eagerly anticipate your fanta limerick ;)
Oooo and make it a dirty one :D
Sorry to hear it ate your post--I think I'm the only person who's never experience Blogger drama. That bag is awesome too, BTW. Might be making that in the future!
Your bag does look great, thanks for the great advice. I am also with you on the blogger thing. It can just be so annoying.
hey, you need to totally get your own site. it is totally liberating. do it, do it, DO IT!!!!

That bag is awesome! NICE JOB.
that whole "get your own site" thing is frightening to me. who will hold my hand? who will explain to me what i'm doing?

on the other hand, i do love that bag and i may have to include it in my vacation knitting especially since i have the yarn in my stash already.
the bag looks great!
although i'm still on blogger, i just recently purchased my own domain and it's making me feel hella dumb. i may never get it looking good enough to officially move the blog there.
i work with adults with developmental disabilies for a living and i find that it's the same with the schedule/routine changes, lots of anxiety, much like when i get up too late to have the morning cup of coffee.
That bag's already on my to-do list, even more so now I've seen yours. It looks ace, and a lot more sturdy than I expected.

I'd had enough of blogger, especially with the perennial uploading pictures problem. Go for typepad, and then you won't need a flickr account. ;)

That bag is super-duper cute! I made a different style of market bag last summer, but I may need to try this one this year ;)
I love having my own domain - it's nice to be able to have a dedicated email address. Go for it!! :)
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