Monday, June 05, 2006

Is is June already?

My how time flies!

June brings us a new month of project spectrum. This month I will have a few projects to bring to the table.

Like my first project for the amazing lace:

The hanging vines stole in Knit Picks alpace lace "storm". The blue is really deep & has lots of subtleties.

The knitting is going well so far. I'm 3 repeats into the pattern & it looks like a lot of jumbled up holes. Luckily I can see the pattern & **knock on wood** I haven't made any mistakes!

In the spirit of june's color Lolly asked that we all "flash" in blue in our stash. That was easy for me as there is plenty of it!!

Lots of variations on blue in there!! Now if I can just knit it all up into it's intended projects!

In non-knitting news this summer is shaping up to be a busy one. We are headed to jax three times in the next two months. There is also our week in the Bahamas & two weeks at the lake. It's going to be hectic but I am looking forward to all of it!

Since I will have so much vacation time I know I will get a lot of knitting done but I also hope to get a lot of reading done. Any suggestions for great summer reading? I am up for anything as long as it can be found in paperback (so much easier to travel with).

Hmmmm, I think my banana bread is ready!

Love the blues! Thanks for flashing that stash ;)
That banana bread sure sounds yummy!
Ooh, summer reading! Here's a couple off the top of my head:
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt
Beach Music by Pat Conroy
the lace looks great already!
i read these 2 books on my vacation a few years ago and still buy them for people:
cruddy by lynda barry
diary of a teenage girl by phoebe gloeckner
they are super quick reads
ooh, great blues! i actually don't think i have much blue. eek.

i'm going to suggest, appropriately, Edith Wharton's Summer. Not exactly uplifting, but beautiful still.
Love the pattern--I like how you photographed it with the yarn casting a shadow on it. I am starting some lace sometime soon myself! I am looking forward to hearing about all your travels.
Bellwether by Connie Willis. It's funny, has some good messages in it, and there are sheep! If you like it, I can give you further recommendations for her stuff.

Sounds like your lace project is going great!
Oh that blue looks really great for the shawl.
Love all the blue! As far as reading goes, I just finished Atonement by Ian McEwan and it was very good.
That laceweight yarn makes me feel ill... ;)
Pretty! I love the yarn in the third picture - third one over on the top row. (you know, the blue one ;)

I'm with you on "is it June already?" I still have projects planned for yellow, orange, and green!!!
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