Saturday, June 10, 2006

"That is so random"

I'm sure we are all tired of blogger at this point in time. I actually tried to post on Wednesday & Thursday only to be thwarted by blogger being "down for maintenance". Ugh!

This week has been thoroughly uneventful around these parts. During the summer I still teach but we work on lots of maintenance stuff & spend the afternoons out enjoying the lovely Atlanta weather.

On that note after her schoolwork was done I took Liz to the pool on Thursday (yeah, I know I get PAID to hang out at the pool- just one of the reasons I love my job). Liz is happily swimming around the 4 ft. mark when two little girls swim up next to us. They couldn't have been more that 5. Typical cute little girls in matching pink bikinis looking as sweet as is humanly possible. I'm sitting on the edge of the pool thinking how adorable these girls are in their all their sweetness and I hear this come out of one of their mouths:

"Then I told him not to eat that".

And the other little Angel replies "That is so random".

WHAT?!?! Since when do sweetie pie five year old girls use the phrase "that is so random"? It was a very weird moment.

In other random bits:

Doctor Who ended it's first season (at least for those of us in the US, across the pond season two is wrapping up). I spent the entire hour in tears. I know it's only tv & beyond that it's Sci Fi but it was so well done. Chris Eccelston was a fantastic Doctor. Bryony assures me that David Tennant does a great job but I guess I'm just not ready to believe it yet...

Prior to the Doctor Who tearfest, Isaac & I headed to our farmers market to pick up some essentials when I came across this:

The yummiest chocolate ever. I bought the new moon bar with 74% cacao as well as the xocolatl with 74% cacao & bits of dried chiles. It is so wonderful! I consider myself to be a connoisseur of fine chocolate & this is some damn fine chocolate!

Tonight we are going to the Indie craft Experience. Last year we had a great time & spent lots of money. This year has a great lineup of crafters. I can't wait to see all their offerings!

Oh & knitting? Somehow this week between lounging by the pool and having my butt kicked by my Pilates classes there was little time for knitting. Not to worry I have made some serious progress on my shawl as well as finally finish my accidentally on purpose! Pictures soon!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

I swear, kids are growing up faster and faster....

That chocolate sounds delicious!!

Looking forward to hearing more about the Indie Craft Experience!
I only catch Doctor Who every now and again, but I can assure you that David Tennant has settled into the role quite nicely. He is SERIOUS nerd totty. (This is a good thing)

Leah, you are so right about Dagoba chocolate. It is deelish! You must try their hot chocolate this fall/winter. The one with chiles is strange because it spices up your entire throat! Not for the weak.
If you think season 1 ending was a tearjerker, you will die when you watch the ending to season 2. Total heartbreaker, 10 hankies.
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