Friday, June 16, 2006

What is the best thing you could possibly get in the mail...

next to yarn?

This lovely little package is thanks to Angela. It really brightened up my day! Thanks Angela!! If you stop by her blog scroll down & check out a couple of amazing pairs of socks, a breath taking carpetbag & congratulate her on getting into this. I'm sure that last bit was a piece of cake!!

I've also succumb to a new project. It is at least keeping with the theme of the "Summer of Lace".

It's all Kym's fault. She posted a really fantastic Saturday market bag yesterday. It struck me that it is the exact type of beach bag I have been looking for a pattern for. Well not really so much looking but thinking about looking for. It will be just what I need for the summer. Luckily it's a fast knit (according to Kym just a couple of nights) AND is done beautifully in sugar & cream. I love that it's cheap & durable!! Not to worry folks I am still firmly in love with my hanging vines stole. I even bought the sugar & cream but couldn't cast on last night b/c I was too deeply rooted in the "zone" with the stole.

I figure it will be a good project for traveling this weekend! I *think* I can leave the stole at home for a couple of days.

I also signed up for the Knit sock kit swap & will be answering that questionnaire for my partner as soon as I get back from spending Father's day with my Dad in Jax.

Wish me luck letting the stole sit idle for a while! I guess this will be a true test of my willpower!

Yay! I'm glad you like it! I'm eyeing that Saturday market bag too! Hope you have a great weekend with your dad!
Oh, yummy yummy yummy chocolate!!

Have a great weekend!
I love the Sat. Market bag as well. I think I may have to try that one as well.
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