Sunday, July 02, 2006

Just a quick update....

before I hop on a plane to the Bahamas!!

I wanted to show off my half finished Hanging vines stole:

As well as my prototype for my knit sock kit swap (whew, that's a mouthful) bag:

My partner favors a ziplock so I thought I would make an "upscale ziplock". This version is mine (I wanted to work out all the kinks). The yarn you see in the pouch is for my Orangina. I plan on working on her a bit while on holiday.

I hope you guys all have a great week! I will be peeking in with the wifi connection at our hotel (I mean a girl can't go without her blogging peeps for 6 whole days right?!?!).

I leave you with a gift from our friends over at Williams Street (aka the Cartoon Network for all you non-Atlantians).

This billboard has popped up here in Atlanta as well as Nashville, Birmingham & Brooklyn. It's been getting a lot of talk on blogs all over. There is also one here in town that says "yes." as well as "I pooted". I have pictures of those as well (just not uploaded). The good people at CN really know how to entertain us while stuck in traffic.

This one is just to remind you that you can catch a new episode of my favorite show the venture brothers tonight at 10:30. I love this show so much that I swear I squealed like a little girl when I saw this billboard last week.

So knit, watch the show and enjoy the toe picker billboard folks!

the hanging vines look beautiful!
have fun in the bahamas!
Mazzy and I saw "I pooted" today! She started cracking up and I wondered what/who posted it. Thanks for the info!

Have a great vacation!
Wow, lucky sock kit pal, especially since that's just your prototype?!

Love hanging vines!

Have a great vacation. :)
sooooo jealous of you! Have a great time in the Bahamas! Drink lots of frosty fruity alchoholic beverages for me!
Have a great trip!!
I *LOVE* the bag. I covet the bag. (God, I keep coveting things you make. I'm so bad!) But as someone who has been known to use a Ziploc herself {hangs head in shame}, I think it's fab!
I think I've seen the I pooted one here in Chicago as well, or maybe I am crazy. Enjoy your trip!
Your "zip lock" looks great. Very cute. Have fun on your trip.
Have fun on your vacation! Cute "ziploc" too! That's such a great alternative to the ziploc. She'll love it!
hot toe picker? ewww. :)

that bag is super cute- can't wait to see the real one!

have a great vacation!
Hope you are having a wonderful vacation! I'm here at the direction of our Amazing Lace hosts. Latest request during this pit stop is to visit 5 Lacers alphabetically after our own. You are my number 1 :)

I'm a new "knitter of holes on purpose" - this lace knitting is addicting. Fun to stretch my newbie knitting needles. Only knitting again since December 05 and not much of a knitter before then ;)
i love those signs! i *heart* foster's home for imaginary friends.

i added you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind. i might be ITP, but i'm cool, i promise! =]
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