Thursday, January 05, 2006

You rock my sock!!

Thanks so much for all the compliments on my jaywalker! It really makes a girl feel loved!

It's funny if you had asked me six months ago I would have told you that I could never knit a sock. I had spent plenty of time fondling lovely handpainted sock yarns at my LYS and ogling intricate patterns but it all seemed so foreign. The tiny little needles and barely there yarn. It was intimidating. I mean the first project I ever gave up on was a baby sweater on size 3 needles. How on earth could I work with size 1's?

To my surprise it wasn't that bad. You might even say it was good, enjoyable even, FUN.

Even after the first mistake and then the second. It was actually a lovely experience(with the frogging part excluded of course). I can see why there are knitters who knit nothing but socks(and those sort of knitters who knit socks so fast and beautifully it has me in awe). I hope to be one of those sock knitters some day!

I had some encouragement along the way. Thanks for that!

So on to the second sock right.... WRONG! I must finish Isaac's Dr. Who scarf before his birthday on the 10th. So I am eyeball high in garter stitch & worsted weight right now.

Who would have thought I would be pining for the day I could pick up sock yarn & size one needles again?

I hope you can get finished for the birthday gift! Does he know it's coming? Your sock does look very nice--I'm hoping to start a lightweight yarn sweater sometime in the next few months myself!
I know the feeling! :) As I was making Christmas presents, I just wanted to get back to my sock. May the scarf flow quickly from your needles so you can get back to the 2nd Jaywalker.
That IS a most awesome sock! I love it!
Thanks guys! I finally got to cast on to my second sock tonight. Sometimes a knitter just needs a break from all that garter stitch!!
did you finish the scarf? huh huh?
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