Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rain, Rain go away.

Blech is the best word to describe the weather today.

Luckily I had a happy surprise waiting for me when I got home.

3 books that I ordered from Amazon and a postcard from our nations swamp, I mean capital, courtesy of Sandra. Isn't she such a sweetie!!

There has been much buzz in the blogosphere about the amazing lace. I suppose it is going to be "the summer knit along". It was funny to read the blog today & see the sentence "In an amazing coincidence, all three Leahs are awash in indecision."

Yep, I'm still undecided as to my teammate (and apparently the other Leah's in the kal are as well).

I know for a fact that I will be working on Orangina but I also really want to do a shawl or stole. I have the pattern for the hanging vines stole which Zen needle made look & sound so appealing. I've also been toying with doing the flower basket shawl. I also have the pattern for the flared lace smoke ring & some scrumptious yarn to make it in. I think I have my heart set on a shawl though. Any thoughts?

Now I'm off to finish the felted bag. Yep, that's right I said FINISH! I have all the colorwork done & just need to get the sides and handles knitted. I hope to be felting by Friday. With that done & Accidentally on Purpose going smoothly I just need to clear up some other WIPs & start lace training!

Don't forget to get your entries in to the contest!! I am loving the interesting mix so far!!

you know you want to knit the hanging vines stole...go for it!
I need to figure out something to knit with a big ol' hank of Helen's Lace, too...
Denyse Schmidt! Awesome books! Lace has been something that's been on my brain lately.. I can't decide either, but the Peacock Feather shawl is one thing and so are the Flower Basket Shawl AND the Leaf Lace Shawl.
I've been spying that Subversive Cross-Stitch book. Good to see you ordered it. Can't wait to see what sampler you stitch first!
Amazing Lace - sounds like fun. I'm in!
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